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Welcome to Sadie's World.

A place where you'll find magic every single day.

Sadie is an author and publisher. She publishes picture books for children, motivational journals, and (coming soon) The Lacey Luna Series. 

Sadie is a ghostwriter and book mentor. If you know you want to write a book and aren't sure where to start, Sadie is your girl! She offers a range of services, from writing your book for you, to editing, to motivating you to finally get that book done.

Sadie wants you to write too! She offers 2 contests a year: Writing MAGIC and Writing LOVE. 1st Prize for each competition receives $500 USD. Click the link in the header to find out more about deadlines and guidelines. 

Finally, Sadie tells stories through art. She aims to share more beauty with the world around her.

The Adventure Begins

The Adventure Begins is a simple journal for writers who like to have a book and many pens with them at all times. It is light and easy to carry but substantial enough to inspire you to write all your thoughts, stories and ideas.


The cover is one of Sadie's latest creations in her own journey. She hopes it inspires you to get out and see this big beautiful world, and then to share your story with the world around you.


Project BEAUTY

A beautiful journal with art and creativity prompts inspired by my daily goal to see more beauty in the moments of my life on this planet.

Whether you are an author, dancer, or artist, this journal aims to inspire new thought patterns in your creative process. Most of the pages are free for your own words, with 14 art pieces and prompts peppered throughout. 

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