Tyson and Sadie have combined forces to create an artistic collection of flowers and monsters and landscapes and super heroes! An eclectic mix for sure. 

Tyson & Sadie are a couple of creative souls who inspire each other daily to create their own weird and wonderful artwork. 

Tyson is a VFX supervisor and has worked on award winning shows like Game of Thrones. But his artistic skills move far beyond the digital realm. Currently he is exploring ink on cold press paper, often discovering characters as the ink blows across the page. 

Sadie is a solo kitchen dancer, writer, and artist in training. She paints to inspire her writing, discovering the settings and characters as the paint.

Both prints and originals are available for sale.  Contact us for more information at sadietellsstories@gmail.com

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Tyson & Sadie


Tyson's collection of Bunnies was created out of simply blowing black ink around the page and finding the characters that emerge.

Sadie has been exploring alcohol ink on yupo paper to find some of the magical locations that Litty Lacey and Her Fiery Flutterby visit on their adventures.

If you can be Batman, always be Batman! Tyson's collection of super heroes explores their vulnerability as living beings rather than showcasing their super human abilities. 

Tyson’s monsters started making their presence known during the month of Inktober. Armed with nothing but some ink, a brush, and a fresh sheet of paper, Tyson fought tirelessly to bring their characters to life. Each day, he used the word provided to help inspire each monster to show their true selves. As the month wore on the cast of characters grew larger and more colourful.

Lacey, one of the characters in Sadie's next novel often escapes to her garden to find safety in her thoughts. These flowers are inspired by the vibrant colours that surround her in her sanctuary.

Tyson’s love of all things stormtrooper began at a very very young age. And this is why after exploring the monsters within for a few months he moved on to allow the stormtroopers to help him continue to perfect his understanding of all things ink. He asked his friends and followers to provide a word a day for the month of December.