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The Fizz

Sodas & Sanwiches

Located within the Hamilton International Village, The Fizz Sodas & Sandwiches is actively taking part in the revitalization of an exciting neighbourhood that is one to watch. Currently home to an eclectic mix of restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, and retail stores, downtown Hamilton has become a draw for artists and entrepreneurs alike.


Local chef, Trevor Hunt, brings years of expertise and a creative flare to his uniquely crafted sandwich shop. Inspired by his home town and a love for Texan BBQ style meats, Chef Trev serves up dishes like the The Steelmaker, featuring his signature smoked brisket, or The Fustercluck, which has already proven itself to be a customer favourite. 


Vegetarian? No problem, The Fizz has got you covered with a medley of smoked veggies in The Peninsula. But don't forget to also order the vegetarian poutine! Yep, you heard me right: their gravy is a mushroom base. Happy dances of joy are happening as I write this article; yes, I’m literally typing and dancing at the same time and it’s not easy.


Surprisingly, the best thing about The Fizz is not that it has found a way to bring an interesting take on an old-school sandwich shop to downtown Hamilton, although that is pretty great! The best thing about what Trevor and Amanda Hunt are doing is using their talent to give back to their community in a truly meaningful way.


At the grand opening they donated a portion of their profits to Citykidz, an organization that encourages all kids to dream big and reach their full potential. Trevor and Amanda also work on an ongoing basis with the Wesley Ministries to employ at-risk or marginalized youth.


So if you are in downtown Hamilton drop by The Fizz Sodas & Sandwiches to try one of their hand-crafted sodas and delicious smoked sandwiches. In doing so you'll not only be supporting a couple of very inspired entrepreneurs, you'll also be supporting a great community full of amazing people.

Do it! It's delicious! You won't regret it!

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