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Sadie publishes 

stories too!

Currently Sadie publishes books with a focus on inspiring works of both fiction and non-fiction. Sadie's goal is to share stories of triumph in a sometimes un-inspiring world. 


The Story About A Girl Who Just Didn't Know.

Sadie jumps into the world of publishing with an illustrated portrayal of her own story

Sadie IS the girl who just didn’t know. She has spent a countless amount of hours searching the house in her head for even the tiniest morsel of a clue, but it isn’t until she courageously walks down the darkest, creepiest hallway that she realizes it might be time for an adventure.


In her nighttime travels she learns the wisdom of the moon and experiences the magic of the ocean. She finds a moment to chat with the Good Wolf for a bit before climbing up the side of a cliff in order to make it home. Ultimately, she concludes her journey with a few more answers than she had when she was stuck sitting in the house in her head pulling memories off the shelf. For the time being, she is now the girl who knows.

The story of Sadie's adventure will be published in Spring 2018. 

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