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Welcome to My World

Hello world!

I've been here for a while, but today is the day I say "hello!" It's time I introduce myself. I wasn't ready to before, because I wasn't sure yet if I wanted to share my story. But now I know I do. It's a story that has to be told, because it's about so much more than just me.

It's about this beautiful world of ours.

It's about the magic that surrounds us every single day.

It's about the magic we all have within.

It's about how I mastered my thoughts and did the impossible!

I'm ready to share my story and I think you're ready to hear it. You see, my story isn't your average story and I needed to make sure that the timing was just perfect. And now it is!

So, it's a pleasure to meet you! I am Lacey Luna. I have been on so many crazy adventures in the last few years. I've learned many new things and met a whole bunch of amazing new friends.

Stay tuned for more about me, my magic, and how my friends and I travel across multi-universes to keep our world safe from dangerous magic-stealers. Follow along here, or sign up for my newsletter to make sure you don't miss all the fun.

Until next time... I wish you daily adventures, even if they are in your own backyard!

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