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Today is the day I run...

In my last newsletter I shared a writing prompt. I love writing prompts myself. When I'm staring at a screen that hasn't changed in hours or out the window at the falling snow, they break my brain. Sometimes, the right prompt can even help me with the thing I am actually trying to write.

Today, I want to share with you some of the writing that was generated by our very creative community after reading that prompt.

The full prompt was:

Today is the day I run...


We run towards.

We run away.

We run on the spot.


What will you run with today in your writing?


For example:

Today is the day I run towards the light...

Community writing:

Harry Liantziris 

Today is the day I stop, I won't run no more! 

Sometimes we hide 

from the world outside, 

a shelter of sorts. 

Sometimes we fight. 

Doan Luong

Today is the day I run

Not away from my troubles;

neither towards some goal or dream

Not by request;

nor am I being forced

Not due to need;

no urgency or demand

Not through desire;

nay for any particular reason

I run because I can;

because today, I run

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful writing with me! And for allowing me to share it with others.

If reading this inspires you to write and you'd like to share it too, please send it to hello@sadietellsstories.

Happy writing friends!

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