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I'm Smart

I'm just not smart at good things.

This was something I said, after having a beverage or two (or maybe a little more) around the campfire, to my younger brother. I don't know if I've seen him laugh that hard in years.

"That is your book right there," He said when he caught his breath.

Actually, She Tried is the book, but this is a big part of it for sure. What do I mean exactly by I'm Smart, I'm just not smart at good things? Well, there are some things in life that most people are good at, like choosing a career that is viable and sticking with it. They use the money they make to do normal things like invest, have savings, buy a car, use that car to drive to work every day... You know, the usual human living in most of the world things.

I on the other hand prioritize other things, like learning how to make a Cryptocurrency. Someone with different smarts might just research the ones that'll make money one day and invest in those. Nope. Not me. I am now the proud owner of a thousand Space Bucks, that I can never ever access again because I don't remember my password, or where I might have stored it. I also don't remember the twelve word key to reset the password. Looks like these Space Bucks will simply die with me.

Or, I choose obscure (but amazing) careers to give a good go and years of my energy to. Early on in life, someone like a teacher or a parent or a friend, asks you what you want to be. I was smart enough to know at the time that famous wasn't an actual career (I'm sure influencers would beg to differ), and so I was leaning towards something in the performing arts. Extrovert me loved being on stage. In everyday life, introvert me hated being stared at.

Anyhow, I think my pivotal moment was when my grade ten computer teacher saw some potential and suggested that I join the after school programming club. I politely declined, "thank you, but I am too busy dancing."

I'm not saying that choosing dance was a dumb choice. Would it have been a better choice if I had a bit more natural talent or could make it through an audition without sneaking out the back door... sure, sure... but moving on from that, I think the choice someone with different smarts might have made would've been to give both a go.

After many career shifts I am now a ghostwriter. I promise I did not choose this path because I find it funny when I get to tell people I'm a ghost. I promise. While, I love what I do, it has not been the stable, easy road. But as much as I try to be smart at good things, I truly find it far too boring. So I'll just be over here trying to get AI to be a more human-like writing partner for my own personal book about a robot and a human and how they write a book together.

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