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Write Real

It's weird. As soon as I tell myself I need to write content for Facebook it's like my brain turns into a child having a temper tantrum screaming, "NOOOOO... I don't wanna! You can't make me!" Well... actually brain... I can. But my brain always fights back with boring, uninspired, bullshit content that has everyone scrolling by. Fair enough. Most of the content I read has me scrolling by too. Except when someone is obviously writing something from the heart, then I'm all in! I've realized recently that my brain struggles so much with this task because it feels fake. You have to sound a certain way. People won't like you. Oh god, what if people say mean things because they think your posts are dumb. Worse... what if no one cares?!? Your content has to convert. Blah, blah, blah... my brain doesn't like feeling like a content robot. My brain would way rather save her best content for the pages of a book. That way if someone takes the time and spends the money, they're interested in hearing what she's got to say. Today, I decided to strike a deal with my brain. If we just WRITE REAL, we don't need to worry about anything because it's the truth. No hiding behind contrived content meant to attract likes and clients. No bullshit. Sadie Tells Stories (aka ME) is ready to take on the world in 2020. If you've got a book in you and need some help, send me a message. I can tell you all about the different ways I work with people to get their books done!

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