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How I wrote the story I want my life to tell in 2019.

At the end of last year I decided that I wanted to be the author of my own life. I knew the story I wanted to tell and I took the time to decide how I wanted to get there. And so I ran and participated in a 15 day writing challenge that saw me and the rest of the participants writing the next chapter of our lives.

Each day I provided a writing prompt in one of the following five categories:

1. Goals

2. Actions

3. Challenges

4. Wins

5. Rewards.

Within each category we focused on ourselves, our businesses, and the world around us.

Each day, at the end of the journal entry we wrote out one summary sentence and on the last day of the challenge we pulled all of those sentences together to inspire the story.

Here is the story I wrote:

2019 will be a year filled with huge leaps and great success. I am agile. I move with and through challenges to grow. Employing compassion, storytelling and creativity I will build a successful business which will allow my life the financial freedom to do the things that I love and create a positive impact in the world.

One of the things I have learned from a very inspiring woman is that I too can take fast action. I don’t need to wait until tomorrow. There is no more this before that. I don’t need another course. I have exactly what I need. Today is the day to take intentional actions. Actions that will move me towards my larger goals. My ability to create innovation combined with my driven nature will obliterate any feelings of not being enough that I was allowing to hold me back. I am more than enough, have always been more than enough, and will always be more than enough.

My first big leap of the year will be to publish my own e-book. This leap will allow me to realize my potential and teach me the publishing process from beginning to end. Creativity and fast action are key and I am more than ready. Achieving this goal will allow me to employ these skills in helping others share their stories with the world. Every single life is a story. One that we can be inspired by. One that we can learn from. One that we can share.

In 2019 I will create a movement! The title of that movement will be: Writing Your Next Chapter. It is a movement that will inspire all those who are willing to take control of their lives and write their own destiny. This movement starts with me. I’m ready to live this one and only life in a way that will leave a legacy of compassion, kindness, creativity, and love.

I didn’t open that story again, until today and you know what I realized? Three months into the year and I had already successfully completed my first goal. I’ve published my very first short e-book and one hot minute it hit #3 of Amazon’s Hot New Releases In Motivational Self-Help.

The exercise effectively taught me a lesson in combining mindset work, manifestation, and action:

1. I defined what I wanted and let the universe know.

2. I let it go while I worked on my mindset. I continued to grow in my morning journaling and mindset practice.

3. I took the actions required to have a successful launch.

When I first started learning about manifestation I quite frankly, thought it was a whole bunch of bullshit, but none-the-less I was intrigued. There was no harm in giving it a go, right?! And so I did and I am sold. I won’t try to pass of that I am now an expert and try to sell a $10,000 package on how to get you there too. But what I will say is that I am now a believer and I’m excited to continue to learn.

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