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On one beautiful Monday afternoon I got to hang out with some super awesome people who are quite simply... amazing! A wave of nostalgia struck me as I was welcomed into Jules wonderfully creative world; it made me wonder why my path has veered so far from the days when my friends and I would spend hours improvising with movement, music, words and fire.

As Jules soft strength gently eased the tension, stress and anxiety from her friends, through thai massage, I found myself inspired to move too. It became a dance of light, lens and laughter. From jumping on chairs to balancing on their beautiful dining table - and yes, without hesitation, they moved food out of the way for my crazy feet to find their place - we all spent a few wonderful hours moving through the space together.

How often do you meet someone new who can inspire you to do something that you love? To listen to your body? To be your best self? To take care of you?

As I put my coat on I asked Jules why she does what she does and her response was beautifully simple. She believes that we can all live a pain free existence. Wouldn't that be amazing?! Jules' warmth enveloped me from the moment I walked through the door until our parting hug. As I was about to put my winter layers on she said, "I think you could use a massage." And you know what? I think she's right! You know what else I think? I think you could use one too!

To find out more about Thai Massage with Jules or one of her playful yoga classes check out: or

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