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Confidence Is A Skill

This week I ran and participated in a mindset challenge aimed at building confidence. Here are a few of the things I learned:

I always thought I wasn’t a confident person. I don’t remember when or why I started believing this. It was just one of those subconscious rules I had written for myself based on a memory that had long been stored away.

And so, in situations that required a great amount of confidence, like performing on stage in front of a huge audience or presenting at a conference attended predominantly by doctors, I would call on the other Andreah. The confident Andreah. The version of myself that stepped in when the shy, socially awkward version of me was too scared to deal. I had convinced myself that my ability to confidently address a room of people who I had perceived to be much smarter than me (imposter syndrome is real) was all an act.

I couldn’t have been more wrong! By denying myself the recognition I deserved and handing it to a fake persona, I was doing myself a great disservice. I am confident. It is a skill I possess and continue to strengthen.

For me, ignorance is bliss. Often I’ll jump into a project with the excitement of a puppy experiencing snow for the first time. It’s all fun and games until your paw hits a patch of ice sending you flying into a pit of despair. And this is when the trouble really begins for me. It is at the first sign of potential failure that my confidence takes its cue to go running for the nearest escape route.

This is where I need to do the mindset work and so I rewrote the affirmation to suit me:

As I FACE new challenges I feel calm, confident and powerful.

In embarking on my intentional confidence-building journey the biggest takeaway for me has been that confidence is a skill that requires constant work. I intend to do the work and live my life as the most confident version of me. If you’d like to find out more my next challenge or would simply like to join an empowered group of inspiring people check out:

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