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Super Awesome People, Entry #2


Teachers are awesome. Why?

Because they make us learn stuff.

Because they give of themselves everyday.

Because they care enough about humanity to make the world a better place.

Because they selflessly take a breath in before each class and pull themselves together, even on the days when they barely have the energy to carry their own weight. Teachers may be some of the most underrated people in the world, which is mind-boggling! They are the beginning of all the good things that happen and the momentum behind continuous forward motion. On the day I walked into Janet’s class to capture her in action I felt a bit beaten by the week, and although I wasn’t there to participate, I felt my mood brighten as the room warmed up. The ease with which she moved through her movement, while simultaneously surveying the room for those that needed some extra support was inspiring to witness. For an hour and a half she gently guided people to: BREATH




But Janet’s brand of awesome doesn’t come solely from her teaching practice; she is one of those people who will be there for you when you need her most, no matter what. And that is really why I think she is a super awesome person doing super amazing things!

For info on Janet's classes check out:

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