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Super Awesome People, Entry #1


There’s a well known quote, that I love, about feeding the wolf you want to thrive. Be it anger or joy, it’s up to you.

Life is rarely that simple and wolves aren’t naturally controllable creatures. You can’t just put down the bowl and hope for the best; sometimes the bad one is too hungry to hold back. Or I'm not strong enough to even try. After a particularly long stretch of not getting his turn at said bowl, my good wolf softly whispered that maybe the burden shouldn’t be mine alone. It took a while, but I finally understood that he was asking me to reach out to his friends within those around me. They are there, he gently reminded me, you just need to widen your gaze and once you find them they'll help you get me some food. I guess he wasn't ready to die yet. And so now I have this: a search for the awesome, the great, the wonderful, the joyful, and the happy. My goal: to arm myself with the tools needed to fend off the wrong wolf, the one that’s stealing my good friend’s food. My plan: find as many awesome people as I can and tell their stories. I decided that my search for the super awesome in the everyday should begin right at home with this guy:

It’s easy to love someone when they’re happy. It’s easy to be with someone when they’ve got interesting things to say. It’s easy to be proud of someone when they have the confidence to be proud of themselves. It’s not easy when they can’t be/do those things anymore. I'm a lucky girl 'cause I've found someone whose here even when it's not easy.

He's the guy who greets me with a happy dance when I walk through the front door.

He's the guy who gives the best hugs in the entire world.

He's the guy whose really hoping I'll want to play video games one day.

He's the guy who is crazy smart and will always take the time to teach me new things.

He's the guy whose always up for an adventure. And bringing me with him.

He's the guy I can't wait to see every day. He's the guy who makes sure that the right wolf in me always wins.

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