• Andreah Barker

Let's Do Better

Has our commercial society always been so completely devoid of compassion? If not, when did the decline begin and how long have we lived in the state that we do now?

In a world that defers to insurance companies, contracts, and finely tuned policies, it is difficult to find the crevices in which we’ve managed to hide the tiniest morsels of humanity.

How can an airline possibly make it cost prohibitive for a student to evacuate an island about to hammered by a hurricane? Seriously! How?

How can a major phone company that makes billions a year still charge a fee to cancel the phone plan of a deceased loved one? Again, seriously?!

How can an AirBnB host not find it within themselves to allow the guest that is sitting in an ICU lounge waiting for a prognosis to rebook their stay to a later date?


I don’t know.



That’s not an answer you didn’t know. And there’s nothing further to add.


…that we need to do better.

Much better!

Those at the top have lost their capacity to truly care so let’s start at the bottom. Let’s make it a movement they can’t ignore. If every new entrepreneur, family run business, innovator, or dreamer shared the ways in which they’ve hurt their bottomline in order to show another human being some compassion, then maybe it would inspire a global change. So SHOUT the examples of your kindness or the kindness of others from the rooftops and one day we’ll win! One day…

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