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Sometimes Sadie's stories inspire her to create other things too. She hasn't shared all of her characters with the rest of the world yet, but she has shared some of the work they've inspired. Lacey's magic garden provides an endless array of flowers to be painted and drawn while Wren's Strongest of Birds with the most Magnificent of Wings bring Sadie's card design to life.

Tyson Draws Stuff, Sadie's illustrator, adds a few of his Inktober monsters to the mix. To see the full list of the prints he has available check out his artist profile. Once you've placed your order send us a quick email specifying the name of the monster that you want.

Tyson's Fine Art Monster prints

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Product Details

Big Blue Eyes here may look like he’s onto you and he probably is, but not for the reasons that you might think. He’s not the kind of monster that’s going to jump out of your closet in the middle of the night and scare you half to death; he’s the kinda monster who just wants a few friends to party with. Don’t worry about those pointy teeth, they’re just there to scare all of the other monsters away. If anything he just loves making a statement and will without-a-doubt be the life of the party no matter which room you find him in.


  1. Fine art
  2. Giclee print
  3. 8x8
  4. Made to order
  5. Comes in larger sizes


Tyson’s monsters started making their presence known during the month of Inktober. Armed with nothing but some ink, a brush, and a fresh sheet of paper, Tyson fought tireless to bring their characters to life. Each day, he used the word provided to help inspire each monster to show their true selves. As the month wore on the cast of characters grew larger and more colourful. Now this motley crew continues to grow and evolve as Tyson explores his talents with new mediums like Yupo paper and alcohol ink.

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