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One Red Bird is a small bird who can really fly. She is curious about the whole world. And even though, the other birdies think she's crazy, she sets out on the adventure of a lifetime.One Red Bird's story came to life in an exploration of art. Andreah Barker began learning more about the visual arts in her late 30s. Not confident at first, she kept challenging herself to try different mediums.


One Red Bird appeared early this year on one of her very first attempts at acrylic on canvas. These early paintings are the inspiration for her illustrations.One Red Bird, just like the author and illustrator of her journey, doesn't listen to what the world says she can and can't do. She chooses her own path. She fights fear. She listens to her heart. Her adventure is one that can inspire everyone, no matter what age, to always allow themselves to continue to try new things. This world is beautiful and full of possibilities.


Sometimes all you need is a little push to step out of your everyday life and aim for something magical!

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