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Got a story to tell?

Let Sadie

help you tell it.

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Sadie tells stories because she knows that behind every business is a story.

Sadie tells stories because she knows that the strength of every organization is in its people.

Sadie tells stories because she knows that it's the people who inspire others to do great things too.

Sadie tells stories because she knows that what we want is to connect with real people.

Words have power.

Let Sadie tell your story

 Sadie's Ghostwriting Services:

1. E-books 

2. Traditional Books

3. Family Story Books

4. Articles

What is a ghostwriter?

Quite simply Sadie writes your story for you from your perspective in your voice. She loves capturing the big and small moments that make up the ways in which we make the world a better place by sharing our love, passions and gifts with those we inspire.

How does this help you?

1. Saves you time so that you can be focusing on what you do best.

2. Provides your audience with the story of you and what you do.

3. Gives your family an amazing memory book to remind them just how much they are loved.

4. Allows you to share your gifts with the world in a way that your ideal clients will relate to.

Got a project in mind, but you aren't sure if Sadie can do it? Why not give her a call and find out!

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