Writing Magic 

500 Word Flash Fiction Contest

Are you an author who loves magic? Do you have an idea for a super short story that needs to be shared with the world? If you answered yes to both of those questions this contest is for you!


The story can be about anything magical. Maybe it’s something that you’ve experienced in real life or it’s something you’ve created. Maybe it’s the start of a great idea. Maybe it’ll be the thing that inspires you to finally publish your book.


Sadie Tells Stories loves all things magic and wonder. And she loves not the magic she can create but sharing the magic that others do as well. She can’t wait to read your stories!

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$500 USD to the winner

$150 to the runner up



Write a short story, under 500 words that is all about magic. It can be for any age group. It can be fiction or non-fiction. Get creative. Have fun. And share your magic with the world!



Anyone in the world who loves writing about magic. See the Rules & Regulations for more information.



Sadie Tells Stories will be accepting submissions for the Writing Magic Flash Fiction Writing Competition from January 1st 2022 until March 31st 2022. 

The winners will be notified by June 15th 2022.



It’s easy!

Write a super short flash fiction all about magic. It truly can be about anything you find magical. 

Pay the $15 entry fee.

Use the form to submit your story. 

You did it!


The Judges

Your story will be read by a panel of three judges. More info coming soon on who will be on the panel.

Need financial assistance?

There are 5 spaces for those writers who know they have some magic to share but can’t afford the fee. Send an email to hello@sadietellsstories.ca


The Rules!

All decisions are final! 

All payments are final and nonrefundable.

To be eligible, entries must be under 500 words and include an element of magic.

There are 2 cash prizes: $500 for the winner and $150 for the runner up.

When you submit you are automatically added to receive the newsletter. You can unsubscribe anytime, but you might want to stay on it until the contest results have been shared.

Copyright - By submitting an entry you give Sadie Tells Stories permission use your entry in the following ways: Winning stories will be announced in the Sadie Tells Stories Newsletter and shared on the Sadie Tells Stories website. Writers retain copyright of their stories and we encourage you to submit your story to other contests at anytime.