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Blue Fire Magic

Book 1
Lacey Luna's Universe

Lacey Luna is a young girl with incredible magic. Born to magical parents, her own power starts to appear with strength in her teenage years. The problem is that her parents have been hiding their magic from everyone, including Lacey, because of a war they survived 200 years ago.


Not knowing what was happening to her, Lacey would wake up every morning with a new magical skill that could be triggered by anything, like a twitch of a baby finger or the lift of an eyebrow or even a thought. Lacey’s magic was becoming so strong that it was finding it’s way out of her in any way that it could. 


One morning, when she accidentally unleashes a river of tears and puts her family in danger, everyone knows what needs to be done. It’s time for Lacey to be placed in the care of her Aunt Aida at the School for Magical Children. It is here she meets a unique group of classmates —Tessa, Emory, Wren, Diego, Tate, and Liv — who will ride along side her on an adventure of a lifetime. 


Stay tuned for more sneak peaks at the characters, their magic, and their incredible story.

Release Date: August 15th 2022

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