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Do you have a big idea?

Are you ready to go for it?

Are you ready to take action?

Are you ready to be amazing?

If you answered YES!!! to all of the above then the Big Blue Sky's EXPLORE Program is for you!

The EXPLORE Program helps YOU define and take action on your BIG ideas.

I see people do the same thing all the time. They have a great idea. Their eyes light up when they talk about it and yet they never go for it.  Don't be that person! Don’t let your great ideas go. You’ve got this.

Let's EXPLORE your big idea together!


Here’s what you can expect from the Big Blue Sky Academy’s 3 week EXPLORE program:


1. One workshop a week - where you will work with a small group on your idea, as well as the ideas of others.

2. One live training per week

3. Weekly homework

4. 1:1 support via messenger 


Topics covered:

1. Idea development

Develop ideas. Identify what small moves to take next on a weekly basis

2. Courage and confidence

Harness your courage and build your confidence with a better understanding of your strengths.

3. Goal setting, planning and building

Set realistic goals, plan a manageable strategy and build with purpose.

4. Maintaining momentum going forward

You will develop the habits required through our weekly workshops, live training and 1 on 1 support to see you maintaining momentum even after the program is done. 

The goal of the program is for you to have a fully developed idea, plan of action, and the tools needed to continue moving forward on your big idea.




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In EXPLORE, we help you get down to the nuts and bolts. 


Feeling overwhelmed by social media pressures, launch plans, business plans, payment gateways, website design, product design and so on? 


We help you break down what appears like a mountain of overload to simple practices. 


Afraid of failure or worried your idea is so silly you’ll be a laughing stock? With EXPLORE, you may find your first BIG idea doesn’t work. We’ll help you change lanes to find the BIG ideas that do.


Not enough time or money to even get started?


Through EXPLORE, we’ll identify pockets of opportunity to move forward in your goals. Stop waiting for the perfect time to go for it. 

Today is your day.

Just start!


Monday September 16th - Monday October 7th



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Are you


for your




What are your big ideas?


Do you think about them and then store them away on an ideas shelf to get buried under a layer of dust? 




Why do you allow yourself to ignore the potential for something great? 


The answer can vary from idea to idea. Sometimes they get pushed aside due to a lack of confidence and sometimes it’s due to the limiting belief that you'll never have enough time or enough resources. Whatever the reason is, don't let it stop you from seeing your next big idea come to life. It's too important!





I'm in!

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I love big ideas!

The minute a new idea strikes I’m ready to talk it out and come up with a game plan. It’s the idea of something that could be great that gets me excited.


In my lifetime I’ve worked on lots of new ideas:

1. Organizing successful fundraisers

2. Running cabaret style shows

3. Founding  a dance company

4. Researching dance/movement therapy in Canada,

5. Using that research to work with Alzheimer’s patients

6. Writing books for both myself and others


 I know how to think up new ideas and see them through to the end.




I'm ready!

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Praise for the



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